I need help, what do you need to help me?

Firstly, don’t worry, we’ll get this fixed! To get started, there are three areas you need to check and take screenshots of. Generally speaking, if something is not happening in Groundhogg then an Event is failing.

Screenshot Your Failed Groundhogg Events

Screenshot Your Failed Scheduled Actions

Note: These may not be present in your WordPress installation as they are only used for some plugins. Do not panic if you cannot find them.

Check & Download Your WordPress Logs

You may need to request these logs from your hosting company. Ask for the PHP logs, not the HTTP or access logs. In general, these logs are found in the log folder of your server or in the wp-content folder of your WordPress installation.

You can also enable your own logging by following these instructions.

Only when you have all this information should you contact us as we require all this information to help you promptly!