How to sell Coupon Codes / License Keys with Thinkific via WooCommerce

Important: This method is deprecated and no longer available. Please use our WooCommerce extension instead.


In this tutorial, we’ll walk through how to sell coupon codes for Thinkific using WordPress and WooCommerce. Coupons are an excellent way to:

  • Give the gift of Thinkific course or bundle
  • Sell multiple / volume licenses to businesses or B2B customers
  • Use WooCommerce as your payment gateway and permit access to Thinkific courses via coupon codes.

Quick Start Video

To enable coupon sales, open your WooCommerce product and ensure Generate Coupon Codes is checked and you have selected the correct course to generate coupon codes for:

thinkific coupon woocommerce sell

Once you have selected your options, don’t forget to save your product When this product is purchased, coupon keys will be generated for the course associated in the dropdown.


  • Orders must be in or pass through the processing status for coupon codes to be generated.
  • Coupon codes are displayed in the Order Notes of the WooCommerce Order and can be resent using the applicable action:
thinkific coupon notes
  • The plugin include multiple hooks and filters for custom development allowing you to tailor coupon behaviour e.g. Change expiry dates, license key format etc.