Getting Started: How to get paid with WeChat & AliPay on Thinkific

Quick Start Video

  1. Register for a new account @
wooninja payments signup

2. After you verify your email address, you will need to connect your Thinkific site to WooNinja. From your dashboard, click Connect:

wooninja dashboard thinkific 1

And enter your Thinkific site address e.g. Remember, if you use a custom domain then you must enter your original Thinkific domain, not your custom domain.

wooninja connect thinkific wechat 1

Finally, click Connect Thinkific

3. After you have connected Thinkific, you will be prompted to complete your secure Stripe account set up. From your dashboard, click Connect:

wooninja wechat stripe

4. After your securely set up your Stripe account, you will need to wait for Stripe to confirm your details. This may take up to 24 hours. During this time, you will not be able to sell courses or bundles.

5. Once your account is approved, your courses and bundles will be imported into WooNinja. To sell a course or bundle, simply copy the checkout link:

wooninja wechat alipay link

And give it to your customer can checkout!

thinkific wechat checkout