How do I add a B2B student in Thinkific?

To get started, you will need to login as a client or if you are an admin, you can use the Impersonate feature of the B2B Thinkific Dashboard:

thinkific b2b adding students account 1

From the Students tab, click Add Student

thinkific b2b adding students overview

Add the student details and click Add:

thinkific b2b adding students form

Note: If you leave the password blank, the student will need to reset their password or you will need to send them the sign-in link:

thinkific b2b signin link

On the student overview page, you can see:

  • The students name, email and Thinikfic User ID
  • The total number of enrollments as reported by Thinkific
  • The total time spent in Thinkific Courses

To add the student to a course, simply click Add to Course

thinkific b2b add to course

And select the relevant course, then click Add

thinkific b2b add to course modal

The new course will then appear below. To remove, or add a user back to a course, click Remove or Activate

thinkific b2b add to course details