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Groundhogg – List Enrichment Extension

Unlock the true power of your mailing list by enriching them automatically with Groundhogg and Grow your list, gain insight and market to key decision makers all on autopilot!

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Founded in 2015, Hunter’s mission is to give professionals the power to create new connections with the people that matter. By integrating with Groundhogg, your contact list is automatically verified and enriched with real time, valuable insight.

Completely automated, you no longer need to manually review and update contact information. Simply create or update a contact in Groundhogg, and let our extension do the rest!


  • Advanced Email Verification
  • Automated Contact Enrichment
  • Automatic retrieval of Name, Email, Company, Position, LinkedIn and more!
  • Option to automatically remove disposable or free email providers from your list.

Important: This extension requires a account. Please see here prior to purchase of this extension.





Watch The Extension In Action

Sit back, relax and let us guide you through the installation and set up of the extension for Groundhogg

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Why do I Need This?

Our extension reduces your workload by automatically enriching contacts with additonal data. For example, can find information such as Company, Position, LinkedIn and much more!

Using this information, you can further refine your contact lists, spot better leads and fine tune your marketing efforts.


What Does it Do?

Our extension interfaces with and uses their API to directly deliver insightful information to your contact list. When a contact is created or updated, our extension updates the contact with the latest information.


What Do I Need?

You will require the Groundhogg Plugin that is available for free from You will also a account. The number of contacts you can enrich is limited by your account. Please see here for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our extension makes use of your account and the number of contacts you can enrich is based on your account plan. 

All data is supplied by and is dependent on the information available for a given name, email address and domain. Our extension will import the most amount of information available but will never overwrite any information you current have for a contact. For example, if we retrieve a company name and you are already have entered a company name for that contact, we will not overwrite it.

Example Fields Include:

  • Full Name
  • Position in Company
  • Telephone Number
  • Twitter & LinkedIn URL
  • Linked Sources & Articles

No, our extension does not limit your contacts. However, you will require a account that is capable of enriching the number of contacts you require.

No, this plugin works with both the free and premium versions of Groundhogg.

Yes, simply click the link at the top of the page. However, if you plan to use more than one of our extensions or if you have multiple sites, it is better value to purchase an access pass.

We offer a set up service for an additional fee. For enterprise customers, we offer one free set up as part of the access pass. 

Need Help or Documentation?

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