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Groundhogg – Ultimate Member Extension

Ready to give your membership a huge boost? Keep your members in sync with Groundhogg and deliver an incredible marketing experience. Leveraging the most popular member plugin in the world, you are steps away from growing your membership base on autopilot!

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Ultimate Member is one of the most widely used membership plugins for WordPress. Used by thousands of creators each day, Ultimate Member is the first port of call to set up dynamic and rich communities. By using our extension, you can keep your members updated and in the loop like never before.

Features & Benchmarks

  • Account Updated
  • Role Updated or Changed
  • User Approved
  • User Deleted
  • User Registered
  • User Status Changed




Watch The Extension In Action

Sit back, relax and let us guide you through the installation and set up of the extension for Groundhogg


Why do I Need This?

When growing a community with Ultimate Member, it is critical to keep your members updated and informed. By using our extension, you are unlocking the automation power of Groundhogg which frees you to do what matters, looking after your members!

For example, you can nurture new accounts when they are approved or welcome new members when they create an account. With Groundhogg the possibilities are boundless!


What Does it Do?

The Ultimate Member extension for Groundhogg connects directly with Ultimate Member, removing the need for third party plugins or external systems. By leveraging the core functionality of Ultimate Member, your members are put in the best marketing hands: Groundhogg.

As an example, you could send a welcome sequence to new accounts as they are created, or tag your users by their roles.


What Do I Need?

You will require the Groundhogg Plugin that is available for free from You will also require the Ultimate Member plugin that is available for free from

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need the Ultimate Member plugin that is available, for free, from

Ultimate Member, at the time of writing, is free for the basic plugins and feature set.

No, this plugin works with both the free and premium versions of Groundhogg.

Yes, simply click the link at the top of the page. However, if you plan to use more than one of our extensions or if you have multiple sites, it is better value to purchase an access pass.

We offer a set up service for an additional fee. For enterprise customers, we offer one free set up as part of the access pass. 

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