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Groundhogg – Passwordless Login

Trying to remember all your passwords can be a headache for most users. With our passwordless login extension, your users can log directly into your WordPress site in a single click! No more password managers or reset headaches!

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Our passwordless login extension for Groundhogg gives you a neat replacement code for your emails. This code generates a secure link for your users meaning they can directly log into your website from your Groundhogg emails. No need to remember endless passwords or wait for reset emails!


  • Email replacement code with secure, password-less login link
  • Secure, one time use login links. Perfect for new customers or subscribers
  • Timeout security feature meaning links expire after a set period
  • Reduces password confusion and reset requests




  • Groundhogg Plugin (Free)


Watch The Extension In Action

Sit back, relax and let us guide you through the installation and set up of the extension for Groundhogg

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Why do I Need This?

When a user creates an account with your with your website, they will have yet another password to remember. In most cases, they quickly forget or rely on a password manager to keep them updated. At worst, you recieve countless emails asking for resets or complaints your users cannot access your content.

With a password-less login link, your users can seamlessly log into your site by simply clicking a link. Simply click, and the user is logged in. Magic!


What Does it Do?

Our extension providers a new replacement code for your Groundhogg email builder. Simply place the replacement code in your email and a link will be generated for the users to seamlessly login.

For example, you may add the link to a call to action after a user makes a purchase, joins your newsletter or simply signs up to your website. The possibilities, and convenience, is endless!


What Do I Need?

You will require the Groundhogg Plugin that is available for free from

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The password link is unique for each contact and delivered directly to their email account. The link can only be used once and will expire after a set period of time. By default, this is after 1 hour but can be set to up to 24 hours.

When writing an email in Groundhogg, simply place the replacement code {login_link} anywhere in your email. This code returns a URL that will permit the user to login.

When the user clicks our link, and they are not a WordPress User, you can enable automatic account creation in the extension settings. When enabled, our extension will create a new WordPress user and assign them a default role.

By default, a user can have up to 10 active login links. This means you can safely send multiple emails with login links, and they will all work when clicked. Remember however that login links are one-use only and expire after a set period of time. By default, this is one hour.

No, this plugin works with both the free and premium versions of Groundhogg.

Yes, simply click the link at the top of the page. However, if you plan to use more than one of our extensions or if you have multiple sites, it is better value to purchase an access pass.

We offer a set up service for an additional fee. For enterprise customers, we offer one free set up as part of the access pass. 

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