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Local Payments, More Sales

WeChat and AliPay have over 1 billion users throughout the world and this number is growing each and every day. Add these payment methods to your Thinkific school in a snap and start generating more sales and less headaches!

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INdustry Standard

Security First & Foremost

All payments use SSL and HTTPs with an industry leading backend powered by Stripe. Your customer information is secure at all stages of their buying journey and we are fully GDPR compliant.

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Zero additional Tools

No Zapier or Complexity Required

When you accept WeChat and AliPay with WooNinja, you don’t need additional tools like Zapier or Automate.io. Not only are these tools expensive, they are another cog in your sales machine to go wrong. Our system creates and enrols your student in Thinkific in seconds.

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How It Works

From start to finish, your student will have a seamless journey meaning more sales for you and less confusion

1) Sign up for WooNinja Payments

Joining WooNinja Payments take 60 seconds and your account is generally approved within one business day. There is no fee to sign up and no monthly fees for having an account. You only pay for what you use.

2) Add a QR code or link to Thinkific

Our dashboard makes it a snap to generate secure checkout links and QR codes for WeChat and AliPay. Simply add these links to your Thinkific sales pages, email or even your checkout!

3) Your student securely pays

When your student clicks or scans the WooNinja checkout link, they are brought to the secure payment page on WooNinja. Payment takes seconds and is secured by Stripe, an industry leader in payments.

4) You get paid, your student gets enrolled

Following successful payment, WooNinja Payments securely creates and enrols the student in their chosen course. This process is fully automated and you’ll be notified at every step of the journey. Payments can be made to any bank account supported by Stripe.

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WooNinja Payments is free to join and has no monthly subscription fee. Start growing your course empire today!

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