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Sell Courses, Not Headaches

The Thinkific B2B dashboard is designed from the ground up with course sellers in mind. Easily add new clients and limit their access to your school and content. Set up takes less than 30 seconds and you’re always in control.

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Limit course access

Flexible Seats, Total Control

Administration in the B2B Dashboard is a breeze. Clients can have their total students capped, in addition to limiting their access on a per course level. Need to limit a user to 5 Management Courses and 50 General Courses? Now you can!

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Reduce support times

Easier Access, Happier Customers

Your clients can independently add their employees and assign them to courses in your Thinkific school. This allows them to control exactly what courses their employees are using, monitor their progress and see when they were last online.

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Features Built For You

Our dashboard is built by recognised Thinkific Experts to ensure it includes the features you need most. Take the guess work out of selling to business and use the best in class platform today.

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Sell More, Worry Less 

Our B2B Dashboard for Thinkific is designed to meet a myriad of use cases including:

  • Selling to offices, school boards and large organisations
  • Permitting clients to add, remove and monitor their own students in your courses
  • Restrict the total number of students, and their course access, on a per client level
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