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Did you know that you can use WordPress with Shopify? Using our extension you can reduce your marketing costs considerably by keeping them on your very own WordPress instance. Delight your customers, reward loyalty and grow your company with the beautiful solution that is Groundhogg.

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As a busy Shopify user, the last thing you need is another costly solution to send mail and market to your customers. Our extension for Groundhogg is optimized to connect directly to Shopify, removing the need for additional services and costs. Delight your customers, segment your users and keep your business thriving!


  • Checkout Created
  • Customer Created
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Updated
  • Order Created
  • Order Paid
  • Order Cancelled
  • Order Total
  • Order Updated

Note: All Shopify customers are added or updated in Groundhogg as benchmarks are triggered.




Watch The Extension In Action

Sit back, relax and let us guide you through the installation and set up of the extension for Groundhogg


Why do I Need This?

Shopify has limited ability to segment and market to customers within the application. What if you need more powerful funnels? Better tagging? Or simply an easier work day? Enter our extension and Groundhogg.

For example, you can automatically create customers in Groundhogg as they are created in Shopify and then tag them based on order volume. Do you know who your most valuable customers are? Now you can by tagging based on their order, or lifetime, value.


What Does it Do?

Our extension removes the need for third party email services, like Mailchimp, and third party automation services like Zapier. Using core Shopify services, we directly connect to Shopify from Groundhogg.

We expose a number of benchmarks to allow you make powerful funnels based on cart, customer and order actions, including deep segmentation based on value.


What Do I Need?

You will require the Groundhogg Plugin that is available for free from You will also need a Shopify account that has webhooks enabled.

Please note, we recommend you check if your account has webhooks by reviewing the Shopify documentation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need a Shopify account. We recommend you check if you account is enabled for webhooks by reviewing the documentation here.

Most accounts, by default, have webhooks available but we recommend you check prior to purchasing this extension.

No, this plugin does not currently support syncing between Shopify and WordPress for inventory, orders or products. If you require this feature, please contact us and let us know!

No, this plugin works with both the free and premium versions of Groundhogg.

Yes, simply click the link at the top of the page. However, if you plan to use more than one of our extensions or if you have multiple sites, it is better value to purchase an access pass.

We offer a set up service for an additional fee. For enterprise customers, we offer one free set up as part of the access pass. 

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