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Do you want to follow up with chats? How about segmenting your users and ensuring they get added to your automations? With and Groundhogg, growing your list is a snap!

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Summary is a free messaging app to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, mobile app or from a free customizable page. Set up is a one step with no additional plugins required. Add live chat to your site today in less than 5 minutes!


  • Trigger Groundhogg Funnels when chats are started, ended or when tickets are created
  • Follow up with users after their chats close, segment them and add them to your contact list

Important: This extension requires a free account.




Watch The Extension In Action

Sit back, relax and let us guide you through the installation and set up of the extension for Groundhogg


Why do I Need This?

Our extension connects your account to Groundhogg, allowing you to move contacts seamlessly. is amazing for live chat, but what happens when a visitor leaves your site?

Our extension allows you to place contacts in your Groundhogg contact list and funnels. 


What Does it Do?

Our extension adds three benchmarks to your Groundhogg system. When a chat starts, ends or a ticket is created in, Groundhogg can activate a step in your funnels.

Common use cases include segmentation and follow up once a chat is complete or ticket opened.


What Do I Need?

You will require the Groundhogg Plugin that is available for free from You will also need a free account.

Frequently Asked Questions is free to use, no matter the number of chats you have. You can optionally pay for additional features. See for details.

As Groundhogg requires an email address to create a contact, if a chat does not provide an email, then Groundhogg can not create a contact. It is recommended to request a name and email from a chat prior to the chat being opened.

No, this plugin works with both the free and premium versions of Groundhogg.

Yes, simply click the link at the top of the page. However, if you plan to use more than one of our extensions or if you have multiple sites, it is better value to purchase an access pass.

We offer a set up service for an additional fee. For enterprise customers, we offer one free set up as part of the access pass. 

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