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Migrate LearnDash to Thinkific

LearnDash is an incredible learning system for WordPress but sometimes you need a little more room to grow. Thinkific is the number one choice of creators who need a hosted, world class LMS. Migrating from LearnDash to Thinkific is a snap with our plugin,

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Our migration service quickly and easily transfers your LearnDash students to Thinkific, including all their course enrolments. This means a student can seamlessly move from your WordPress installation to Thinkific with minimal disruption.


  • Complete review of your LearnDash system and mapping of all critical data points
  • Automatic migration of student accounts
  • Automatic enrolment in Thinkific courses from LearnDash
  • Custom field support

Important: This service requires a Thinkific plan that has access to the Thinkific API. At this time, this is the Growth plan or higher.




  • LearnDash LMS
  • Thinkific Account (Growth Plan or Higher)


A Simple 3 Step Process

Our service is fully guided. We do all the hard work for you.


Map & Review

We will organise a call with you and your team to discuss you requirements. We will review your LearnDash installation and your exact requirements for when students migrate to Thinkific.

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Custom Code & Testing

We will developer a custom package for you to ensure your exact transfer from Learndash to Thinkific is realized. This will include student accounts, course enrolments and any custom logic you desire.

data transfer

Transfer & Verification

We will install the custom plugin on your WordPress site and monitor the transfer from start to finish. We will also connect to your Thinkific site and verify transfers in real time.



Our service gives you the fastest possible route from LearnDash to Thinkific with the least margin for error. Bulk importing into Thinkific with a spreadsheet is slow and error-prone. With our service, our custom mapping and code makes sure that every student is successfully transferred and enrolled.



Our service starts with a conversation about your LearnDash system and how you wish to migrate to Thinkific. We look at your current courses and how your students will be enrolled when they move to Thinkific. Likewise, we also consider custom fields in LearnDash and how they will map to Thinkific, in addition to custom logic like passwords and Single Sign On.


What Do I Need?

You will require a LearnDash installation along with a fully set up up Thinkific account. We recommend you already have your courses/bundles set up so that users can be enrolled as they are transferred.

You will also a Thinkific account that supports the Thinkific API. At the time of writing, this is the Growth Plan or higher.

Please note, this service will not work if you do not have access to the Thinkific API on your Thinkific plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our plugin makes use of the native Thinkific API. Thinkific only permit access to their API on the Growth plan or higher. 

No, our pricing is the same whether you are moving 500 or 50,000 accounts.

In general, it takes between 2 and 3 days to complete the transfer. The first day allows us to gather your requirements and customise the transfer process, whilst the second is for the transfer itself.

At this time, it is not possible to copy course content, including text and media, as the Thinkific API does not support the import of content automatically.

At present, we do not sell the plugin we use for the transfer process as each transfer process requires customisation. If you wish to buy the plugin, you will require a developer to use it and you are only licensed to use it on one site.

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