Thinkific Combine & Conquer – Funnels (Part 1 of 5)

The following is an excerpt from the Thinkific webinar series Combine & Conquer: Selling Made Simple Series. This video will cover:

  • Introduction to Funnels
  • Email / Footer Opt-In on Thinkific Sites

To follow along, you will need:

  • A Mailchimp Account (Or similar email provider)
  • A Zapier Account (Or similar service e.g.
  • A Typeform Account (For later funnels in the series)


In this video, you will meet me (Colin Longworth) and we’ll create a footer opt-in form using Mailchimp. This will allow visitors to your site to learn more about your offerings by joining your mailing list. A high level overview of this funnel is here:

thinkific funnel opt in

Before You Watch the Video

I recommend you add the following Tags to your MailChimp account before beginning this series, as you will need them often:

  • Advocate – Used to identify users that have given a very high score in their review of your course
  • Contact Us – Users that have filled out a Typeform on Thinkific for the purpose of contacting you
  • Fully Enrolled – Students that have purchased a course in Thinkific
  • New User – Students that have created an account in Thinkific but have not purchased a course
  • Newsletter – Users that filled out your footer opt-in form on Mailchimp (Used in this video)
  • Review Requested – Students that have completed a course but not left a review
  • Reviewer – Students that have left a review for your course by using a Typeform
mailchimp tags thinkific funnels 1


  1. Open MailChimp and click Audience, then Signup Forms
  2. Click Embedded Forms and a new form will open.
  3. Choose the form fields you want (I recommend first & last name, and email)
  4. Click Tags, and apply the Newsletter tag
  5. Click Continue (Top right corner) and then Copy Code
  6. Open your Thinkific school and login, then click Design Your Site, followed by Site Pages
  7. Click Edit (pencil icon) on the page you wish to edit. When the Site Builder opens, add a Text and Media section.
  8. To add your form, click Code View (Look for the </> icon), then when ready click Save


Want to skip the introduction? Skip to about 8m 20 seconds in this video.

Further Reading & Resources

Getting Started with Tags on Mailchimp:

Mailchimp Embedded Forms:

Adding Forms to Thinkific with Site Builder: https://support.thinkif