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Add new clients

Create Connections in 5 Minutes

The Thinkific SSO dashboard is designed to make creating connections a snap. Simply create a new connection in Okta, Auth0 or the provider of your choice and enter the details in the easy to use dashboard.

Secure Access

Secure & Encrypted – No Sharing

Your clients can securely create connections without them needing to send you their confidential access keys, password and credentials. Simply create an account for them and they can set up the connection, no sharing required.

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Support for Multiple clients

Unlimited Clients & Connections

Our system supports multiple clients and connections, meaning you can have multiple users from different systems all connecting seamlessly to the same Thinkific. No longer will you need a completely separate Thinkific site for each client!

Real World Use Cases

The following are summaries of how current clients of ours use the WooNinja SSO system for Thinkific.

  • Selling to a financial institution that requires that all their employees log onto the Thinkific school using the banks SSO system.
  • Working with different school boards, all of which use a different single sign on provider for their students.
  • Legacy systems that use SAML whilst newer systems use Okta thus by using the SSO system from WooNinja the entire company landscape can be brought together and used with Thinkific
  • Custom and proprietary SSO solutions that are not supported by Thinkific
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Ready to Trial or Buy?

If you would like to take a no-obligation trial of the system, or if you are ready to purchase, contact us today and we’ll get you set up within 24 hours.

Important: SSO (Single Sign On) must be enabled on your Thinkific account to use this service. 

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Sell More, Worry Less 

Our SSO Connector for Thinkific is designed to meet a myriad of use cases including:

  • Selling to offices, school boards and large organisations that require enterprise authentication
  • Permitting clients to add, remove and monitor their own SSO connections without the risk of sharing credentials with you.
  • Offer clients a seamless logon experience from their internal portals and systems to your Thinkific site.
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