Thinkific Combine & Conquer – Funnels (Part 3 of 5)

The following is an excerpt from the Thinkific webinar series Combine & Conquer: Selling Made Simple Series. This video will cover:

  • Cart Abandonment & Lead Nurturing

To follow along, you will need:

  • A Mailchimp Account (Or similar email provider)
  • A Zapier Account (Or similar service e.g.
  • A Typeform Account (For later funnels in the series)


In this video, we’ll follow up with a student that has created an account on Thinkific but not purchased a course. We’ll nurture them and try entice them to buy a course.

A high level overview of this funnel is here:

thinkific cart abandoment

Before You Watch the Video

I highly recommend watching these videos in order. If you have not already, please review Part One here.


  1. Open Zapier and create a new Zap. Choose Thinkific as your Trigger and the event as New User
  2. Next, add Mailchimp to your Zap and select Add/Update Subscriber
  3. Add the require information, such as email and first and last name. For the Tag, choose New User
  4. Save your Zap and enable it.
  5. Create a new Zap, with Thinkific as the trigger and the event as New Full Enrollment
  6. Next, add Mailchimp, and similar to the step above, choose the Tag as Fully Enrolled
  7. Add a third step to this Zap, using Mailchimp, and choose an event of Remove Subscriber from Tag. In this step, remove the New User tag

Therefore, at this point, when a new user signs up for our Thinkific school, they will be added to Mailchimp and have a tag of New User. If they purchase a course, they will have a tag of Fully Enrolled and the New User tag will be removed.

8) Open Mailchimp, click Automations and then Customer journeys, then Create Journey (Top right)

9) Give your automation a name e.g. Cart Abandonment Funnel and click Start Building

10) Choose a Starting point of Tag added, and choose the New User tag.

11) Add a delay of one hour, then an if/else of if the user is tagged as Fully Enrolled.

12) If the user is tagged as fully enrolled, they should exit, if not, we will send them an email to ask them why they did not purchase.

You can continue this funnel for as long as you wish, ensuring you wait a period of time between each step and always check if the user is enrolled.

This is an example automation with two steps but I recommend adding up to twelve over the course of a number of weeks.

mailchimp cart abandoment


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