Thinkific Combine & Conquer – Funnels (Part 5 of 5)

The following is an excerpt from the Thinkific webinar series Combine & Conquer: Selling Made Simple Series. This video will cover:

  • Automated Review Request & Follow Up

To follow along, you will need:

  • A Mailchimp Account (Or similar email provider)
  • A Zapier Account (Or similar service e.g.
  • A Typeform Account


In this video, we’ll encourage a student to leave a review for a course they just completed and if the give us a high review score, we’ll automatically tag them as an advocate (which can be used to send them a reward or further discount)

A high level overview of this funnel is here:

thinkific review request funnel

Before You Watch the Video

I highly recommend watching these videos in order. If you have not already, please review Part One here.


  1. Open Typeform and create a new form. You can choose from a template for ‘Feedback’ or create your own. Ensure your form has an email field. If you wish to tag someone who gives a high score on their review, ensure you also include an NPS field or a numerical field where a user can choose a number on a given range e.g. ‘Between 1 and 10, how likely are you to recommend this course?’
  2. Open Zapier, and create a new Zap. Choose Thinkific as the trigger and for the event choose Course Completed
  3. For the next step, choose Mailchimp and then for the event choose Add Subscriber to Tag. For the tag, choose Review Requested
  4. Save and publish your Zap.
  5. Next, add a new Zap with Typeform as the trigger. Choose New Entry as the event.
  6. Add Mailchimp to the Zap and choose Add Subscriber to Tag. Choose Reviewer as the tag.
  7. Add Mailchimp to the Zap and choose Remove Subscriber from Tag, choose Review Requested as the tag.


If you wish to add an additional tag to students that give a high review, add a Filter to you Zap. In this example, I am filtering on the NPS field in my Typeform and the Zap will only continue if the score is greater than 70. You may need to adjust the filter based on the numerical system you are using.

zapier mailchimp filter

After this filter, you can use a Mailchimp action to apply a tag e.g. Advocate

8. Open Mailchimp, choose Automations, then Customer journey. Click Create Journey (Top right)

9. Give your automation a name e.g. Review Request and click Start Building

10. Choose a Starting Point of Tag added for the tag of Review Requested.

11. Add a suitable time delay e.g. 1 day, then send an email to request the review. This email should contain a link to the Typeform you created earlier in these steps.

12. Add a delay, I recommend 3 days, then add an if/else based on if the user has a tag of Reviewer e.g. They have left a review or not. If they have not left a review, send them another email. I do not recommend sending more than 2 or 3 emails to request a review.

When complete, your Mailchimp automation will look similar to this:

mailchimp thinkific review request


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