Can I add or remove membership in funnels?

Yes! With Groundhogg and Paid Memberships Pro extension, you can add or remove membership levels in funnels.

To get started, you will need a benchmark. In our example, we will trigger our funnel when a tag is applied. However, you can use any Groundhogg benchmark you wish including a new WooCommerce Order, Email Confirmed or Page Viewed! (The options are endless, these are just a few!)

To choose whether to add or remove a membership, click Add Step then Actions.

pmp groundhogg add membership

In our example, will we add a membership once a tag has been applied. When ready, our funnel will look as follows:

pmp groundhogg add membership setup

This action will:

  • Add a user to the Executive Membership Level
  • Remove the user from Junior and Netflix Levels
  • Set the Junior and Netflix Levels to inactive.

Note, the removal of the user from the Junior and Netflix Levels is optional. As PMP supports multiple membership levels per user, this allows you to fine-tune the levels a user may have as they are added or removed.

As an example, if you wished to remove a membership level when a tag is applied, your funnel would look similar to this:

pmp groundhogg add membership removal

In this example, the Executive and Junior membership levels would be removed from a user if they were tagged.