How do I enable verification of users?

Notice: This is a developer level document.

If you wish, you can enable verification of users by passing a hmac parameter in the code. For example, this is the implementation in PHP

window.dsSettings = {
        appId: 'REPLACE_WITH_APP_ID',
        name: '<?php echo "{$user->first_name} {$user->last_name}"; ?>',
        email: '<?php echo $user->user_email; ?>',
        hmac: '<?php echo hash_hmac("sha256", $user->user_email, "REPLACE_WITH_APP_SECRET"); ?>'

This verification ensures that a user is genuine when interfacing with our systems. By default, this verification is disabled as only certain systems support it ‘out of the box’ e.g. WordPress, Laraval, Ruby on Rails etc. We recommend you verify that you can securely generate the required hmac (Without exposing your App Secret) before enabling this option.

To enable verification, open your account, click Settings and enable the option to User Verification. Don’t forget to click Save.