How do I use Okta or OAuth2 with Thinkific?

Setting Up An Okta Connection

  1. Log into your Okta Dashboard
  2. Click Applications on the left-hand side and click Create App Integration

3. Click OIDC – Open ID Connect, then Web Application, then Next

image 1

5) Give your app a name of your choice, then enter:

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Finally, click Save

Important: Leave this window open as you will shortly need credentials from it.

6) In a new window, open the WooNinja SSO application, login using your email and password, and click Add Connection

image 2

7) In the modal, by referring to your other window that displays your Okta app

  • Enter the Client ID and Secret
image 3
  • Select Okta as your provider
  • Click Add, and in the box type base_url and in the next box enter your Okta domain (You must add https:// before this domain e.g.
image 5

When complete, your modal should look similar to this:

image 6


  • Verify your information before proceeding as you cannot modify this data once the connection is set up.
  • Okta must return the full name and email of the user to be correctly authenticated to Thinkific

Finally, click Create

8) When the connection is saved successfully, you can click View Connection Details to display the login link your users must click to gain access to Thinkific

image 4

Top Tip: We recommend you copy the Login link to an incognito browser, open it and verify the login flow is working correctly.