Selling Multiple Seats / Coupons / Licenses on WooCommerce with Thinkific

This guide is for the following uses cases:

  • You wish to sell multiple ‘seats’ on a course to a single user in a single transaction
  • You want to supply a client with unique coupon (access) codes to your course
  • You want to automate the generation of coupon codes for your Thinkific courses and bundles

To get started, we will assume you have set up the WooCommerce Extension for Thinkific, and you have set up a basic product that is linked to Thinkific.

To enable coupon generation for a given product, set up as a follows:

  • Link the WooCommerce product to a Thinkific course or bundle
  • Disable create enrollment (If you enable enrollment, the user that buys the WooCommerce product will be enrolled in the linked Thinkific Course)
  • Enable Thinkific Coupon generation

When finished, don’t forget to click Update or Publish

An example set up is shown below. In this example, a user will be sent an email that contains coupon codes for the Management Bundle

thinkific coupons generate

Important Notes

  • By default, the plugin will generate a Thinkific Promotion with the same name as the WooCommerce Order ID. It will then generate the same number of coupons as items the user bought e.g. If they bought 15 of the example above, they would receive 15 coupon codes.
  • Due to Thinkific API limits, we recommend against sales of more than 75 coupons in one transaction. For higher volumes, please contact Thinkific support and request they offer you higher API limits for the Promotions and Coupons API end points.
  • The plugin has a default email that can be edited under WooCommerceSettings and Emails.
  • Coupon generation is asynchronous and may take up to 5 minutes to arrive to the customer after their purchase.