What are the use cases for Single Sign on with Thinkific?


The SSO Connector from WooNinja allows course creators to have their students sign in to their sites from other platforms, creating a seamless experience for their students. For example, students could access a Thinkific school using their Reddit, Twitter, Tiktok or similar social accounts. Furthermore, the system supports enterprise authentication systems like Microsoft, Okta, and 200+ others.

Example Use Cases

  • A Thinkific site wishes to allow their students to log in or sign up for their school using a social network that Thinkific does not support, e.g. Reddit, Twitter etc.
  • A Thinkific site has an external authentication system set up using a provider such as Okta and Auth0 and wishes to permit the users in that system to access their school. This scenario is common in larger tech stacks where a client may have multiple tools and sites, e.g. A WordPress site, a Thinkific School etc., with a common login across all of them.
  • A Thinkific site sells to large corporate entities with an internal authentication system. That corporate entity wishes its employees to access the Thinkific Site using their corporate credentials. The SSO connectors allow the security team of the corporate entity to set up a connection to the Thinkfiic school without requiring the sharing of confidential authentication keys etc.