How can I edit the invoice and PDF?

By default, WooNinja Invoices will use a default template when creating a PDF for the purchase. However, we also provide a fully customizable drag and drop editor that allows you to fully control the look and feel of your invoices, including the PDF.

To get started, open your WooNinja Invoices dashboard @ and click Template

thinkific receipt email editor template

Click Receipt / Invoice Editor

By default, the Pre-Built Template will be enabled. To enable the drag and drop editor, choose Design your Own from the drop down, and accept the change.

thinkific receipt editor customisation

You can now drag and drop items from the toolbox on the right, into the template on the left. To add information from the order, for example the total amount, user name or line item table, click Merge Tags and select the appropriate tag.

In the example below, we are adding the user’s name to the top of the invoice in a text field

thinkific invoice merge tags

Don’t forget to click Save when you are finished editing.


  • WooNinja Invoices does not provide support for custom templates. Please ensure you always test your customizations.
  • Changes to your editor and design take effect immediately.