WooCommerce Subscriptions Benchmarks

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Once you have installed and activated your WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension for Groundhogg, you will see the following benchmarks available in the Funnel Builder:

woocommerce subscriptions benchmarks

Important: Most of the funnel benchmarks have an option to be activated for any subscription or for specific subscription products. Always click Update in the funnel builder when you change your selected option as the page must refresh to show the selection.

woocommerce subscriptions funnel refresh

Funnel Benchmarks #

Subscription Created

Runs when any or specific subscriptions are created or purchased.

Subscription Cancelled

Runs when subscription products have or are about to have their subscriptions cancelled. With subscriptions, if a user or shop owners cancelled their subscription between renewals their subscription will be pending cancellation. Only when a user has passed their last renewal date will their subscription be fully cancelled.

Subscription Paused

Runs when any or specific subscriptions are placed on hold, either by user action or renewal payment failure.

Subscription Renewed

Runs when any or specific subscriptions have their renewal payments completed.

Subscription Trial Ended

Runs when the trial period for any or a specific subscription(s) is over.