Getting Started: Shopify & Groundhogg

To start, you’ll need to ensure you have the following plugins installed and active:

You will also require a Shopify accountI recommend that you open your Shopify dashboard now and leave it open in a separate tab.

When ready, your plugins should look like the following:

shopify extension plugins

Activate Your Extension

In WordPress, open Groundhogg, then Settings and click Shopify:

shopify extension settings

Enter your WooNinja License Key, click Save Changes, then click Activate License.

You will now need to log into your Shopify account. Once you have opened your account, click Settings, then Notifications.

shopify dashboard settings groundhogg

Scroll to the view end of this page, and locate a section called Webhooks:

shopify dashboard create webhook

Click Create Webhook and you will be presented with the following screen:

shopify dashboard create webhook step

You must now create a webhook for each action you wish to track in Groundhogg. The name of the Event corresponds to the name of the Benchmark in Groundhogg.

For example, if you wished to track Order Creation, you would select the following:

Event: Order Creation

Format: JSON

Webhook: 2019-10 (Or the latest version)

For the URL, simply open any benchmark for the Shopify funnel in Groundhogg and copy the URL listed for the webhook.

shopify webhook address

Top Tip: This webhook URL is the same for all Shopify benchmarks.

When ready, your webhook will look similar to this:

shopify webhook address complete

Click Save Webhook

VERY Important: You must add a webhook in Shopify for each event / benchmark you wish to track in Groundhogg. We recommend you add the following webhooks in Shopify:

  • Customer creation
  • Customer update
  • Order creation
  • Order cancellation
  • Checkout creation

These will allow you to use all benchmarks currently offered in our extension.

When you have finished adding your webhooks in Shopify, you will need to adjust your settings in Groundhogg. From your Shopify dashboard, under your newly added Webhooks, copy and paste your webhook signing key:

shopify webhook signing key

And insert it into the correct field in your Groundhogg settings:

groundhogg shopify final

Next, insert your Shopify Domain e.g. and tick the box that says Verify Webhooks

Finally, click Save Changes

Congrats! You are now ready to use Groundhogg with Shopify!