Can I trigger an action when a Thinkific student completes a learning path?

When setting up a learning path, you can optionally specify an action that the learning path will trigger when the student completes a learning path.

Important: This action will only be triggered once, even if the learner meets the criteria of a learning path multiple times.

You can use this action to:

  • Send a webhook to another system, such as Zapier, which can then be used to add the student to a mailing list, tag them in a CRM or even issue a certificate via Accredible or similar.
  • Add a student to a course in Thinkific, for example a course that only accredited students can access.
  • Remove a student from a course, for example to remove them from a training course so that they cannot re-view the content.
  1. Open WooNinja Learning Paths @
  2. Click Paths on the top menu, then open the Path you wish to edit by clicking Edit
learning path edit

3. Scroll to Completed Path Actions and choose an Action. For example, a webhook would be set up as follows:

learning path webhook add thinkific

Or, to remove a student from a course, it would be set up as such:

learning path remove student thinkific

4. Don’t forget to click Save when you finished editing.

learning path save