How to offer an Alumni discount in Thinkific with WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Extension for Thinkific can dynamically create a WooCommerce coupon for a user at the checkout if they have previously taken a course of yours. The use case is therefore you want to offer a user a discount on this purchase, based on them buying or being enrolled in a given course previously.

To get started, open a WooCommerce product:

  • Enable the Alumini Discount
  • Choose the courses that a user must have been previously enrolled in to qualify
  • Choose a percentage type
  • Choose the discount amount

Click Save or Publish

In the following example, a customer that buys this WooCommerce product will:

  • Be enrolled for 60 days in the Accounting Course
  • Be given a 15% discount if they had previously been enrolled in the Corporate Onboarding Course
thinkific alumi discounts

Important Notes

  • This system generates a coupon in WooCommerce, not Thinkific and hence the coupon can only be used in WooCommerce.
  • The user must be logged in to avail of a discount. You should encourage users to log in, and not use the guest checkout, if you intend to use this feature.
  • Coupons are single use and tied to the specific user so they cannot be shared or used multiple times.
  • Coupons, if not used, will be deleted after 48 hours.