Can I award a Thinkific student that starts, and finishes, all courses within a time limit?

In this example, we’ll show you how to set up a learning path that can be used to assess a student by requiring they complete a given set of courses with a set time frame of starting their first. For example:

  • Force compliance by ensuring a student completes all their courses within a set period of starting their first e.g. They must finish their courses within 90 days of starting.
  • Issue certificates, generate reports or grant special offers to students that are highly engaged e.g. Award a discount if a student starts and finishes all their assigned courses within 12 months.
  1. Open the WooNinja Learning Paths @
  2. Click Paths on the top menu, then click New Path
learning path set up new

3. Enter a name for your learning path. We recommend using a descriptive name so you can refer to it quickly. Next, choose Completes all courses within a timeframe of starting the first course as the Assessment Type

learning path time frame of start thinkific

In this example, we are requiring the student to have completed all the given courses within 180 days (6 months) of starting their first.

4. Add mandatory courses to your path by clicking them, ensure they are in the right hand side column. You can add optional courses in the same manner but they will not be considered to learning path progress. In this example, the mandatory courses are the SAP Hybris: MasterClass and the SAP Hybris: Landscape Project

5. You can optionally set up an action to occur when a learning path is completed by a student. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

6. Don’t forget to click Save. Your learning path is now active!

learning path save


  • The system considers the start time of a course to be the moment the student was first enrolled. Therefore the timer generally starts from the time the student purchases the course.
  • The finish time is considered to be the timestamp of when an enrolment was considered complete by Thinkific.