Can I change between Receipts and Invoices in Thinkific?

Yes, you can choose between the term ‘Receipt’ and ‘Invoice’ with WooNinja Invoices.

In some areas, the term ‘receipt’ is used for when goods or services have been fully paid for and is an acknowledge of payment. However, the term ‘invoice’ can also be used and when marked as paid (As it will be with WooNinja Invoices), is considered a valid term. Please consult with your local accountant if you are unsure of the term you should be using.

  1. Open you account at and click Settings
thinkific settings menu

2. Scroll to System Settings and choose your option under Terminology

thinkific invoices terminology

In this example, we are using the term Receipt for all items processed by WooNinja Invoices

Note: This term will be used for both previous and future invoices/receipts that are processed by the system.

3. Scroll to the end of the page and click Save

thinkific settings save