Getting Started: Creating a new funnel for Thinkific

  1. Open and navigate to your funnel editor, either by clicking the button on the home page, or selecting Funnels from the main menu
funnels thinkific home page

2. Click Add Funnel

funnels thinkific creating

3. Enter a name for your funnel, and choose your basic settings. When naming your funnel, use a memorable syntax so you can find your funnel easier e.g. eBook / Sign Up / My Course Name

funnels creating overview

In this example, we are going to send an eBook when the user pays for and enrolls in a course called ‘SAP Hybris: MasterClass’. We have left Resends enabled, meaning a user can request new download links when their initial links expire.

Don’t forget to enable your funnel save when you are finished editing.

4. Next, it’s time to write our email. We recommend using a simple subject, and include your students name with the placeholder e.g. {first_name} You can also test and preview your email using the buttons below the editor.

funnels editing email

Don’t forget to save your email when you are finished editing.

5. Now, we can upload the files that a student will be able to download. Be sure to give your download a clear, concise name. When ready, click Upload

funnnel file upload

When succesfully uploaded, your files will appear below:

funnel file finished upload

If you need to, you can download or delete your file using the appropriate buttons.

You are now ready to enable your funnel! Don’t forget to enable it, using the check box in the Overview section.