Getting Started: Sharing files and downloads with Thinkific

  1. Open your File Share dashboard @ Click Open My Files or select Files from the Main Menu

2. If you have just created your account, you will see a demo folder which contains an example PDF. Let’s assume we want to create a new folder for an Accounting course. Click Create

file thinkific share folder

And follow the prompt to give your new folder a name e.g. Accounting Books and then click Create

file thinkific folder naming

3. You will be redirected to the new folder. If you wish, you can add a sub-folder using the Create button, but for now we will simply add new PDF files to this folder. Drag and drop your files to the grey upload box, or click Browse

file upload thinkific

When the files have finished loading, click Upload

file upload thinkific save

4. The page will refresh and your files will be displayed. You can download or delete the files using the given buttons.

file thinkific list download

5. Now that our files are ready, we need to ensure the right students have access to them. Click Manager on the top menu or navigate to

thinkific file share manager

6. In the New section, select the course your student must be enrolled in to access the given files. In our example, our student must be enrolled in the Accounting Course to have access to the Accounting Books folder. Note, a student will have access to all files, and all sub-folders, within a given folder.

thinkific file share add access

When ready, click Save.

7. If you ever need to edit or delete an access, simply click Edit on the access within the list below:

thinkific file share edit delete

8. Next, scroll to the top of the manager and copy your Access Link. This link must be given to your students so that they can access your files. This link is the same for all students and all accesses, our system will only display the files and folders they have access to.

thinkific file share link

9. With your access link, you can decide where to place it. Here are some recommendations:

  • You can place the link inside a course by using the Text Lesson. Due to limitations with Thinkific and iFrames, Multimedia Lessons are not supported.
thinkific text lesson usage
thinkific file share menu link
  • You can send your student the link directly in an email, or as part as a text lesson or course page button.