What is the best email text to use for Thinkific Funnels?

When you use WooNinja funnels you have full flexibility to write exactly what you need to say, including handy placeholders to personalise your emails. Here are some examples that I have used with great success over the years:

Hi {first_name}, 

Welcome, how are you finding everything so far? Thank you for signing up to my free course, you're the best.

Whilst I have you, below you will find a free eBook that is jam packed with some helpful hints, tips and tricks. Download it and keep it close, I'm sure you'll find something in it you can use every day.

If you have any questions, hit reply and let me know. Thinking of joining the MasterClass? Use code SIGNMEUP2022 for a 15% discount (Don't delay, it's only valid for 24 hours)

Once again {first_name}, welcome!

Hi {first_name}, 

Welcome to Example Great Course!

Below, you will find your complimentary resources, including my sample interview questions guidebook and an overview of how to set your development environment (Only takes 5 minutes!)

Once again, welcome and I hope you enjoy the course!

Welcome {first_name}!

Thank you for joining my Code with Colin course. I wanted to personally welcome you and get you jump started with some resources.

Remember {first_name}, if you have any questions, no matter how small, simply hit reply on this email. I'd be delighted to help!

Talk soon,
Hi {first_name},

Congratulations, I mean that. Not only have you completed the course, but you ready to take on your next project. Feels good, doesn't it?

Below, you can download your final course materials. They will help you as you progress on your learning journey and as always, please keep in touch. I would be delighted to hear how your career grows from here.

All the best,