Mailgun Benchmarks & Settings

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When you have installed and activated your Mailgun Extension for Groundhogg, you will see the following benchmarks:

mailgun benchmarks groundhogg

Important: You must set up your Mailgun webhooks as outlined here prior to using these benchmarks.

Email Opened

Runs when a contact opens an email sent via Mailgun.

Email Delivered

Runs when an email is successfully delivered to a contact’s inbox.

Link Clicked

Runs when a contact clicks a link within an email sent by Mailgun. Important, you must use link tracking in Mailgun for this benchmark to function.

Settings #

In the Mailgun Settings section of Groundhogg, you will find the following settings:

mailgun license setup screen

Webhook Signing Key – This is provided by Mailgun to verify that a webhook from their servers is genuine.

Verify Webhooks – Using the key above, our extension will verify each webhook is genuine. We recommend you enable this option.

Update Contacts – When enabled, we will attempt to update a contact based on the information returned from Mailgun. This will include geolocation data. Importantly, by default, we do not overwrite any information that is already entered for a contact. We will attempt to update:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • IP Address
  • Timezone

Auto Unsubscribe – When enabled, we will automatically unsubscribe a contact when an email permanently fails. This can be useful to keep your list clean, improve deliverability and decrease bounces. We recommend you enable this setting.