Getting Started: Thinkific SSO & WordPress

To start, you’ll need to ensure you have the following plugins installed and active:

  • Thinkific SSO for WordPress by WooNinja

Important: Prior to purchase, ensure that your Thinkific account supports Single Sign On (SSO)

Top Tip: Looking for examples of the shortcode in action? Click here.

When you are ready to start, your installed and active plugins should include the Thinkific SSO for WordPress plugin:

thinific sso getting started

Click Settings, then Thinkific SSO:

thinkific wordpress sso settings

Enter your WooNinja license key, then click Save Changes. Once the page has refreshed, click Activate License

We must now retrieve your Thinkific Domain and API Key. To start, open your Instructor Dashboard in Thinkific.

Click Settings, then Code & Analytics and finally API

thinkific wordpress api key

Copy your API Key and your sub-domain, followed by to your settings in WordPress. It should look similar to this when you are ready:

thinkific wordpress api saved

Click Save Changes

Congrats! You are now ready to use our shortcode! As a quick example, open a post and enter the following:[thinkific_sso]

Your content should look similar to this:

thinkific wordpress basic page

Click Publish (or Preview), then open the new post you just created. You will see an output similar to the below:

thinkific wordpress basic link

If you copy and paste this link into your browser, you should be transported to your Thinkific school and instantly logged in!