Can I change the percentage of a Thinkific course that is required to be considered complete?

You can alter the percentage that a student must complete for a course to be considered complete for the purposes of a learning path. This can be used for:

  • Setting a passing grade, if some parts of your course are more difficult or may not be undertaken by all users
  • Permitting a student to skip some modules in your course, or if certain lessons in your course are optional.
  1. Open the WooNinja Learning Paths @
  2. Click Courses on the top menu, then click Edit on the course you wish to adjust.
learning path thinkific courses

3. In the overview section, enter the percentage completion value (Between 1 and 100). In this example, the percentage required is 95 as the course has an optional chapter which not all students will be required to take.

Furthermore, this course is worth 15 hours of student credit. You can learn more about setting the hours, and how to use it in learning paths, by clicking here.

learning path hour value

4. Don’t forget to click Save


  • Percentage completion values apply to all learning paths. They cannot be changed or editing on a per learning path basis.