To start, you’ll need to ensure you have the following plugins installed and active:

  • Groundhogg – Extension

Important: Prior to purchase, you will require a account.

Top TipFor the installation procedure, click here.

To access your settings, click Groundhogg, then Settings, then

hunter settings groundhogg

Your settings will be displayed.


This extension runs automatically when a contact is created or updated. First, the extension verifies the email address and then enriches the contact if possible. This enrichment process adds information such as the contacts name, LinkedIn URL and Job Title. The extension always ignores disposable email addresses e.g. Mailinator and, by default, does not attempt to enrich free webmail contacts. API Key – Your API Key from that can be obtained here.

Create Contacts – When enabled, if the full name of the contact is known, the extension will attempt to find a better email address for them based on the domain. If a different, and better match is found, the extension will create a new contact with this information. This only works for custom or B2B email addresses. It does not work for Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Add Source Notes – When enabled, if a contact’s email address appears online e.g On a blog, in a presentation etc, these links will be added to the Contacts notes.

Enrich Free Webmail – When enabled, if contact is using a free webmail provider e.g. Gmail, the system will attempt to enrich the contact. This is not recommended as additional data for these email providers is limited.

Ignore Free Webmail – When enabled, contacts using free webmail providers e.g. Gmail, are automatically unsubscribed.

Ignore Disposable – When enabled, contacts using disposable email providers e.g. Mailinator, are automatically unsubscribed. The extension never verifies or enriches disposable email addresses.