Example Thinkific Groundhogg Funnel

Important: You must have enabled all your Thinkific webhooks prior to creating funnels in Groundhogg. Please see click here for more information.

User Sign Up

In the example below, we have a User Sign Up benchmark that will trigger when a user signs up for your Thinkific school. The next step is a Tag being applied.

thinkific user sign up funnel

User Paid Enrollment

In this example, when a user makes a paid enrollment into course with ID 1234, they will trigger this funnel and a tag will be applied.

thinkific paid enrollment funnel

Top Tip: Click Update when you change the ‘Run When’ drop down to refresh the page and enter further options e.g. Course ID

Create User Enrolment

In this funnel, when a Tag is applied (Or any benchmark of your choosing) a User is enrolled in the course with ID 1256. They are enrolled immediately and the enrollment is valid for 365 days.

thinkific create enrollment funnel