Getting Started:

To start, you’ll need to ensure you have the following plugins installed and active:

  • Groundhogg (Free or Premium)
  • Groundhogg Extension

Important: The Chat Started benchmark does not always trigger consistently as does not always send the users name and email for that event. For better funnel reliability, I recommend using the Chat Ended benchmark in funnels. Chat Ended will also trigger if the user fills out the form when you are offline.

When you are ready to start, your installed and active plugins should include the Groundhogg Extension:

groundhogg tawk to plugins

Click Groundhogg, then Settings, then

groundhogg tawk to license

Enter your WooNinja license key, then click Save Changes. Once the page has refreshed, click Activate License.

Open and log into your account. Choose Settings in the bottom left corner, then Webhooks. Click Create Webhook

Add the URL as displayed in the settings screen of your Groundhogg settings e.g.

Check all three boxes for the webhook options.

Click Save

tawk to groundhogg webhook

For security, once created, copy and paste the signing key from

tawk to secret key groundhogg

to the appropriate setting in Groundhogg:

tawk to groundhogg webhook signing

Check the box to enable verification and click Save Changes

That’s it, you are ready to create funnels!