How do I translate my invoices in Thinkific?

It is possible to translate our default invoice/receipt template, for example if you want to use a local term for the word ‘tax’ or translate the entire invoice wording to your local language.

Note: For more extensive changes, or to use a different layout or language entirely, we recommend using our drag and drop editor.

  1. Open the template editor for your invoice and ensure the Pre-Built Template is selected
translate invoice tax thinkific

2. In the table below, enter the word you wish to replace for the default word in the right hand column. You can change as many or as few as you wish. In this example, we will change the default word ‘Tax’ to read ‘Value Added Tax (VAT)’

translate tax thinkific

3. Don’t forget to click Save when you are ready.

Important: Always test your changes by viewing an invoice. Changes take effect immediately.