Can I permit a customer to update their details on a receipt or invoice in Thinkific?

Yes, with WooNinja Invoices you can permit a user to update their invoice/receipt on their own. Example use cases for this:

  • Your customer purchases using a company card and need to update the invoice to reflect their company name / purchase order details etc
  • You do not collect custom profile fields in Thinkific, and your customer wishes to add their own company name, address, tax number etc
  • You want to give your customers the flexibility to update their invoices to match the accounting requirements in their country that may differ from yours.
  1. Open your account @ and click Settings
thinkific settings menu

2. Scroll to System Settings and ensure the setting User Editing is enabled.

thinkific invoices user editing

Don’t forget to click Save when you are ready.

3. When enabled, a user that opens their invoice/receipt online will have an option to make changes:

thinkific invoices example

When clicked, this will open an editor where your customer can make their changes:

thinkific invoices editor