How do I import existing customers from Shopify into Groundhogg?

Important: This document requires you to make a Private App for Shopify. As this is an advanced topic it is not covered under WooNinja standard support. Please read the following fully and carefully before proceeding.

In this guide, we will set up the Groundhogg extension for Shopify to import existing customers (Contacts) from your Shopify store into Groundhogg. This system will also check each hour for new contacts and import them on a continuing basis.

Note: If you will not be using the Shopify benchmarks in Groundhogg funnels, you should follow this guide to ensure your customers are transferred successfully to Groundhogg.

  1. Enable Private Apps in your Shopify Store – Click here
  2. Create a Private App and generate API Credentials. You can choose any name you wish e.g. Groundhogg and ensure you grant Read Access for Customers. The Store Front API is not required. Click here for step by step instructions
  3. Copy and paste your API KeyPassword and Shared Secret into your Groundhogg settings in WordPress, then click Save Changes
shopify app import contacts groundhogg

Important: We recommend creating a specific private app for Groundhogg. Never share your API Key or similar credentials with third parties.

Developer Notes

  • To specify the API key etc from an environment variable, see the WordPress filter groundhogg/shopify/sdk/params
  • The Shopify API version can be specified with filter groundhogg/shopify/sdk/version