How do I bulk upload B2B users or students to Thinkific?

The B2B Dashboard from WooNinja includes a CSV upload tool for both users and students. For example, you can:

  • As an admin, you create multiple new users e.g. Managers, Clients etc in a single CSV upload.
  • A client, or an admin impersonating them, can upload multiple new students to their account with a single CSV upload.

Simply click ‘Upload Students’ or ‘Upload Users’ in the applicable tab in your dashboard:

wooninja bulk csv upload

In the case of students, will be open a screen where you can:

  • Choose the courses the students will have access to
  • Set custom fields for the student (Note: All students in the CSV will have the same custom field entries)
b2b thinkific upload students bulk courses

Important Notes

  • Only plain CSV files are supported.
  • Students can be enrolled in courses when uploaded.
  • Max seats, course access and other restriction parameters cannot be set by the CSV upload for Users.
  • It is recommended to keep CSV files small (Less than 100 records per upload for students)
  • All column names must be lower case, no whitespace and strictly adhere to the instructions on the upload tab. Additional columns are ignored.