How do I set the number of hours a course is worth in Thinkific?

When setting up a learning path, you may wish to assign a number of hours that the course is worth, or valued, at and use this to measure a students performance. This is particularly applicable for learning paths that require a minimum amount of learning in a given timeframe.

  1. Open the WooNinja Learning Paths @
  2. Click Courses on the top menu, then click Edit on the course you wish to adjust.
learning path thinkific courses

3. Enter the number of hours the course is ‘worth’. In this example, the course is assigned 15 hours and requires a completion percentage of 95 per cent. You can learn more about percentage completion here.

learning path hour value

4. Don’t forget to click Save


  • The value of a course in hours is applied to all learning paths. It is not possible to enter a different value on a per learning path basis.
  • The system does not track if the number of hours a student takes to complete a course, this value is determined by you, the course creator, and should be a reasonable estimate of the time a student would take to finish your course.