Enrollments, Bundles & Course IDs

Our Thinkific extension allows you to create enrollments and remove users from courses. To use this Action you will need the Course or Bundle ID of each course you wish to enrol, or remove, your student to or from.

How to find your Course ID

Update: From version 1.1.0 and up, your course IDs and names will be automatically synced to WordPress. They will be available in the Create and Remove Enrollment Actions of Groundhogg.

Log into your Thinkific School, go Manage Learning Content and click Courses. Click the course you wish to enrol your student in.

Wait for the editor to open and note the URL:

thinkific course editor

It will look like the following:


where 175131 is the Course ID

Use this Course ID in your funnel benchmarks and actions.

Create User Enrolment Funnel

In this funnel, when a Tag is applied (Or any benchmark of your choosing) a User is enrolled in the course with ID 1256. They are enrolled immediately and the enrollment is valid for 365 days.

thinkific create enrollment funnel

Top Tip: Click Update when you change the ‘Run When’ drop down to refresh the page and enter further options e.g. Course ID

How to find your Bundle ID

Finding your Bundle ID is very similar to the Course ID. Open your Thinkific Dashboard and choose Manage Learning Content

Then click Courses, followed by Membership & Bundles

thinkific bundles

Click the Bundle you wish to enrol you user in and examine the URL. It should look like the following:


In this example, the Bundle ID is 16046

When creating an enrollment, or removing a user from a bundle, simply enter the Bundle ID(s) in the appropriate box.

In the following example funnel, we are removing a user when a tag is removed from their contact. The supplied Bundle ID is 16046 and we can supply more if the user is enrolled in more than one bundle.

thinkific remove bundles groundhogg