Can I tag users by membership in funnels?

Yes, there are two ways to achieve this in Paid Memberships Pro.

Method One – Automated

The plugin includes an automated tagging feature that can be enabled in Groundhogg then Settings then Paid Memberships Pro:

pmp settings groundhogg

To enable it, check the box and click Save Changes.

Note: Due to a bug in some Paid Membership Pro functions and extensions, a tag may not always be removed when a membership level is cancelled or removed from a user. Therefore, we recommend you do not rely on this function for business-critical tagging.

Method Two – Standard Funnels

You can use a standard benchmark for PMP in addition to the Groundhogg Tagging action. A sample funnel is shown below whereby if a user is added to the Executive or Junior memberships, they are tagged:

pmp groundhogg membership benchmark tagging