How can I configure a User’s B2B settings in Thinkific?

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When you open the User’s details in the B2B Dashboard, there are a number of configurable settings. By default, they are enabled for all User accounts but can be adjusted at any tme.

Add Students

When enabled, this user can add students to their account up to the seat limit specified for their account or a given course / bundle. This option must be enabled for CSV uploads to be available (See below)

Example Use Case: You want to allow a user to add their own students to Thinkific

Student CSV Uploads

When enabled, this user can upload students using a CSV file. We recommend this is only enabled for users that require bulk uploading of students on a regular basis.

Example Use Case: You sell to a large organisation, such as a school, that has 100s of students. To make it easier for your users, they can upload students to Thinkific using a CSV / Excel file.

Deletion of Students

When enabled, this user can delete students from their account. Depending on your site settings, the student will either be deleted from the dashboard, or from both the dashboard and Thinkific. We recommend only enabling this option if the student records do not need to be retained as student deletions cannot be undone.

Example Use Case: You work with company that trains their staff in batches and they need the ability to delete students so newer recruits can take the course. This allows them to use the same seats over and over again, but without adding more students to your school.

Deactivate Enrollments

When enabled, a user can deactivate or ‘expire’ an enrolment for a student. When expired, a course is not accessible to a student.

Example Use Case: You are a training organization and for compliance you need to ensure students are never removed from course.

View Quizzes

When enabled, a user can see the quizzes (As completed in Thinkific) within the student profile in the B2B Dashboard.

Example Use Case: Your courses have quizzes and you need your dashboard users to be able to see the results of these quizzes.

Export Quizzes

When enabled, a user can export the quizzes from the dashboard in a CSV format.

Example Use Case: You users have external grade books and they need to be able to easily export the grades from your Thinkific B2B system and place them in their own grade book.


When enabled, the tagging system for students is enabled.

Example Use Case: Your users have student cohorts e.g. Spring / Summer semesters in the same course and they need to be able to keep track of students on a granular level.

Single Sign On (SSO)

When enabled, a user can click a link on the top menu of the B2B dashboard and be automatically logged into your Thinkific instance. We recommend this is enabled only for users that require access to Thinkific and/or are taking courses. This feature requires a Thinkific plan that supports SSO.

Example Use Case: Some of your dashboard users are taking courses as well as their students, therefore the SSO link will allow them to have a single password to access both systems.

Manual Sync of Students

When enabled, the user can forcibly refresh the student details as displayed on their student profile. We recommend only enabling this feature for users that require extremely up to date information on their students. In general, updates to a students progress and other metrics are available within 60 seconds of them being updated in Thinkific.

Example Use Case: A user has a time sensitive deadline and needs to be sure the information being displayed in the B2B dashboard is current with Thinkific.