Can I set when a tree is planted in Thinkific?

Yes, you can select from any number of the following options:

Sign Up – A tree is planted when a user signs up to your school. Note, this doesn’t not mean a student has paid for your course. See here for further details.

Enrollment – A tree is planted when a user is enrolled in a free or paid course. This will not trigger for free trials or previews. If you are selling bundles, we recommend using New Order (See below)

New Order – When a user completes a Thinkific checkout for a product, such as a course or bundle, a tree will be planted. Note, this will trigger only for paid products i.e. Price greater than zero in Thinkific.

Enrollment Completed – A tree is planted when a user completes a course enrolment.


  • By default, the system limits one tree per student every 24 hours. For example, if you have enabled the sign up and enrolment triggers, a student who signs up and enrolls within 24 hours will only have one tree planted.
  • We recommend using New Order OR Enrollment, not both.
  • If you wish to limit your costs, you should set a maximum trees per month value.

To set these options, simply open and choose the options you wish to use.

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