How can students access Thinkific from WooCommerce?

When selling your courses on WooCommerce, you need to consider the user journey from the moment they add the course or bundle to their cart, to the time they have checked out and paid for you content.

By default, the WooCommerce Extension for Thinkific creates a user account in Thinkific when the user purchases. However, you need to decide how that user will log in (Remember, their password in WordPress is not synced to Thinkific and vice versa)

Here are the most common options:

Single Sign On

The easiest solution to allow a user to navigate from WordPress to Thinkific is via Single Sign On. This is available on higher Thinkific plans such as Premier and Plus. Using this method, a user clicks a button in WordPress (Using this plugin) and is automatically logged into Thinkific. A great option is to put the single sign button after the checkout and the user can immediately jump into your Thinkific school.

Reset Their Thinkific Password

Using an email automation system, like Mailchimp or Groundhogg, you can ask the user to ‘reset’ their Thinkific password once their Thinkific account is created. This has the effect of allowing them to choose their own password and they can then log into Thinkific as usual.

Express Sign In Link

Similar to the above, you can ask the user to set their own password by using the express sign in link. To use this option, you must insert the following code in functions.php. This code will enable a user to use the express sign in link and will enable the Thinkific welcome email (If you have it enabled on your account)

add_filter( 'thinkific/woocommerce/create_thinkific_user/user_data', 'wc_thinkific_use_express_link', 10, 2 );

function wc_thinkific_use_express_link( $user_data, $order ) {

	if ( isset( $user_data['password'] ) ) {
		unset( $user_data['password'] );
	if ( isset( $user_data['send_welcome_email'] ) ) {
		unset( $user_data['send_welcome_email'] );

	return $user_data;