Sending Messages with Telegram from WordPress


Before you get started, you will need to create Telegram Bot and a Public Telegram Channel.

Creating a Telegram Bot

  1. Open a chat with the BotFather on Telegram
  2. Enter the command /newbot
  3. Give your bot a name e.g. WooNinja Helper
  4. Give your bot a username e.g. WooNinjaBot
  5. The BotFather will reply with an access token. Keep this token safe, you will need it later.

Full instructions are available from Telegram here.

Create a Public Telegram Channel with a Bot Admin

  1. Open Telegram and click New
  2. Choose Channel, enter a name and ensure it is public.
  3. Add your new Bot as an Administrator of the Channel.

Full instructions for Telegram Channels are available here

Important: At this time, our extension only supports public channels. If you require support for private channels, please message us for assistance as it is possible but requires some minor custom code.

Install & Activate Your Telegram Extension

When ready, your installed plugins will look similar to the following:

telegram with wordpress groundhogg

Important: If you wish to use Broadcasts, you will require the SMS Extension from Groundhogg.

Click GroundhoggSettings and Telegram

Enter your Telegram API Key that was given to you by the BotFather, your Bot Name and the Channel(s) you wish to send messages to.


  • If you wish to send to multiple channels, separate each channel with a comma.
  • If you wish to use Telegram for SMS broadcasts, ensure the relevant box is ticked.
telegram plugin settings groundhogg

Lastly, enter your WooNinja License key and click Save

Your extension is now ready to send Telegram Messages via Groundhogg!