How to Tag Students in the Thinkific Dashboard

The Thinkific B2B Dashboard includes a facility that allows you users to tag and search their students with ease. This feature is perfect for:

  • Students taking the same course but at different times e.g. A high school has a Summer and Winter semester, and students take the same course in each.
  • Students repeating a course that need additional reporting or assistance e.g. A student can be tagged if they need additional exams to achieve a particular certification.
  1. By default, tagging is enabled for all users of the dashboard. To verify this, or to enable or disable the functionality for a given user, open the user profile and verify the setting:
tagging thinkific b2b dashboard

2. The User can now add tags to a student directly by simply opening the student record, and typing a tag in the given field. The field will also suggest tags they have used previously. When finished entering tags, click Save.

tag student in thinkific

In this example, the student is part of Semester One and are a Returning Student.

3. To search by tags, simply open the list view for students and enter the tags in the box. This search is an AND search, meaning if you enter more than one tag, a student must have all the tags in the box to be displayed.

searching tags thinkific

In this example, the search is for all students that have the tag Semester Two AND Dublin.


  • Tags are case sensitive
  • Tags can also be applied when uploading students via CSV.
  • By default, a student can have a maximum of 5 tags applied. For higher limits, please contact us.