Getting Started: Mailgun & Groundhogg

To start, you’ll need to ensure you have the following plugins installed and active:

Additionally, you will need to have you Mailgun account open, verified and sending emails. We recommend WP Mail SMTP by WPForms for sending mail via Mailgun and WordPress

Important: This installation procedure has multiple steps. Please follow them exactly and ensure you check at every step if you have completed them. If you do not complete them, your extension will not work correctly.

When ready, your plugins should look like the following:

mailgun groundhogg plugins

Activate Your Extension

In WordPress, open Groundhogg, then Settings and click Mailgun:

mailgun license setup screen

Enter your WooNinja License Key, click Save Changes, then click Activate License.

Leaving your Groundhogg Settings, open a new tab and log into your Mailgun account.

Click Sending, then Webhooks. At the top left, ensure you have the correct domain selected.

mailgun dashboard start

There are two items of interest to us on this screen. First, copy your Webbook Signing Key to the correct box in your Groundhogg Settings. I recommend you also enable the option to Verify Webhooks. When copied, click Save Changes.

Back in your Mailgun account, click Add Webhook. We will be adding three webhooks.

  • Delivered Messages
  • Opens
  • Clicks

Important: These actions can only be tracked if you have enabled them for your Mailgun account.

mailgun webhook set up groundhogg

The URL you must enter is available from each Mailgun funnel benchmark and will be similar to:

Top Tip: The URL is the same for every Mailgun webhook

The URL is also available from each Benchmark in the funnel builder:

mailgun funnel webhook link

Once completed, your Mailgun webhook dashboard should look similar to this:

mailgun dashboard complete setup

Congrats! You are ready to build your first funnel!